You will find the detailed flight information and your exact flight times at your flight schedule (electronic ticket). The check in is usually from 120 to 90 minutes before departure.

Liquids in hand luggage may not exceed a pack size of 100 ml each. Allowed are a maximum of 10 pieces (1 liter) in a resealable plastic bag with the capacity of 1 liter (freezer bags with closure). Also liquids are: liquid medication (eye drops etc), cosmetics (lip balm, mascara etc), shower gel, toothpaste, etc.

There are no compulsory vaccinations.

Austrian and German citizens need a passport which must be valid at least 6 months even on departure. On arrival at the airport a 30 day visa is issued free of charge.

Please note that there are strict import regulations in the Maldives, as is for example the import of alcohol, pork and pornographic literature not permitted and this will be also be removed when entering!

The local currency is the Maldivian Rufiyaa. 1 Euro is about 16 – MRF. The import and export of local currency is prohibited. The hotel islands accept foreign currency in EUR , USD and credit cards. On our vessels Guests can pay in USD, as well all Major credit cards accepted, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

If you have booked a Beach Resorts in terminal and the transfer is by seaplane, please note that only 20 kg baggage is taken along. Anything above will be charged extra (from approximately $ 2 – per kilo)

The free baggage allowance (including diving equipment) is 30 kilos at Qatar Airways, Türkish, Emirates and Oman Air transported in departures from Germany and Austria. Each piece of baggage max. 30 kg.

The dives are performed from the Dhoni and the diving equipment remains on there the whole time. The jacket and regulators can always be mounted during the whole tour at the tank. Only at the crossings in another atoll the equipment must be removed. For the rest of your gear there is a private basket available under your seat.

No, we have 12L PTG with a DIN and INT connection on board. So you don’t need to bring an adapter. Further there are weights and weight belts available.

We recommend a 3mm wetsuit (long), also a Shorty works but because of the nettle danger on the reef in our opinion a long – suit is the better choice.

If someone feels safer thereby, no problem. However, from our side is a Surface Marker Buoy for every diver mandantory. 80% of the dives are drift dives, during the dives you will be accompanied at the surface by our diving dhoni, which takes you back on board even after surfacing.

Corresponding diving experience we require of at least 40 dives. Our dive guide is authorized to keep the diver, away from a dive if he don’t have the diving skills requirements, nessesary for the upcoming dive or he’s standing under the influence of alcohol. Such a dive is not refunded!

Nitrox is available. Our membrane plant produces Nitrox1 (EAN32) + / – 1%. It is possible to book Nitrox dives in advance. A Nitrox certificate is a prerequisite! We offer this course on board – please order by ahead booking!

Snorkel Fins are completely ok (full foot fins), all dives are made from the diving dhoni. So it is NOT necessary to run with the equipment over the reef, rocks or sand. The water temperature is always 28-29 ° C.

No, but the current can sometimes be very strong. For photographers and filmmakers, it may sometimes be beneficial. Anyway are available on liveaboard.

A diving medical examination is recommended for all divers, there is no harm at any case. But in the Maldives, it is not mandatory. All of our diving guests have to sign a disclaimer at the beginning of the journey, where confirmed with the signature, that the diver is in good health and a diving fitness is given. Furthermore, we strongly recommend a diving insurance with which the special hyperbaric treatments are covered in the event of a diving accident. You can apply for a DAN short Term on Liveaboard.

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